Epic Journeys

We made the first backpacking journeys four years ago. Today, we see the whole world as our home and are always eager to pull away again. Something what we and our friends felt, was that what we were missing, was a good guide for backpackers and that is why now we have written our own, along with thirty other backpackers.

The freedom of backpacking is unbeatable

We are currently on a motorcycle somewhere in Vietnam , but we have had a chat about the backpackers guide and here it is what we think would be usefull for all you backpackers all over the world.

What is it that's so great backpacking?

Best price guarantee

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How did we come up with the idea to make this site?

The Idea

The idea for the website came up when we searched ourselves all over the internet, on all the travel forums and communities and there were the answers to our questions, but spread all over. As a newbie we had a lot of concerns. A website on backpacking would have been good to have handy in many situations.

Our Authenticity

We wanted this website to be as authentic as possible and therefore it is written with the help of a total of thirty backpackers. Everything comes from ourselves, even the pictures.

Take Down Notes

Some of our essential tips for backpackers

Think about what it is you want out of your trip. Form up your own mind, a person’s paradise can be another’s puddle and vice versa. Dare to go your own way, it’s your trip.

Live-saving so you get to experience more.

Show respect – both for local people and the animals and nature!

Psst! If you have questions that are not answered in the site, please let us know!