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Backpackers Advice

All backpackers who travels around the world, accuire much knowledge and experience. All the tricks on how to book the cheapest flight, running away from a crocodile to how to get $ 30 dollars to last one week.
You may find here useful backpacker tips that can make your trip easier, more fun and cheaper! Enjoy. If you have any other tips, please share them with us.

The Tips

Tip 1 - Couch Surfing you around

Through a website offers individuals to receive a / several backpacker (s) as a guest for a few days’ time at no charge. You contact people in the city you want to live in and if you’re lucky, it takes someone to you and you get a bed / couch to sleep on.

Tip 2 - Save costs for bank withdrawal

Obtain a good card to avoid an additional fee for each withdrawal. (Many banks will take a percentage of total output. But there are some band cards that are free for those under 21, or other cheap services for people that are constantly travelling.

Tip 3 - Learn to use your glasses (if you have lenses)

You are like me and only use daily lenses? I am also no fan of monthly lenses but the glasses are better, it takes up less space in your pack and you will also save money.

Tip 4 - Shaving the hair before the trip (for the guys)

You do not have to take the hair wax and even go to the hairdresser during the trip. Consequential tip is to take the cap to not burn your head!

Tip 5 - Keep track of your menial stuff

We all forget the shampoo in the shower at some point in our lifetime. As a frugal backpacker you can not afford to go and buy a new shampoo every week. Keep track of your things simply. Shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunglasses, chargers .. well everything is easy to forget. Take the habit of checking the room twice before you check out and turn around in the shower one time to see everything you have with you all.

Tip 6 - Buy an olive soap

An olive soap replaces both a standard soap, shampoo, conditioner and washing. The uses for olive soap is in other words a lot. I expect that you wash your laundry by hand and then works olive soap is excellent to clean and also to scrub away dirt stains. It is also milder and more natural for the skin than a shampoo bottle. Good for those who have acne, for example.

Tip 7 - Stay healthy

And because backpackers travel mostly in summertime, the warm sunshine with amounts of vitamin D solves this problem for you quite by itself. But even a cold / fever can affect the most experienced ones. The body needs just as much of it as you maintain at home in order to stay healthy during a journey. Think of the journey:
Exercise at least 2 times a week
Eat useful; plenty of fruits and vegetables. With an orange, you reach the top of the necessary amounts of vitamin C a day.
Be precise with hand hygiene
Drink 2-3 liters of water a day (check if the tap water is safe to drink)

Tip 8 - Wash yourself

Pretty cheap everywhere but add 30 minutes to wash every two weeks makes you more diligent and you get clean clothes for free. Have the disposable wash bags, laundry detergent, or my favorite – olive soap. Enough for a long time.

Tip 9 - Drink tap water

It is absolutely to drink the tap water. It takes perhaps a week to get used to the taste, then the wallet smiles!