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Oslo, Bergen, Karasjok, Lovlia
Anker Hostel -Oslo 4 and 8 person male and female dorms. Book Now
Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim-Oslo 4 person dorms. Book Now
Perminalen Hotel-Oslo 4 person dorms. Book Now
Soria Moria Hotel-Oslo 2 person privates. Book Now
Bergen YMCA Youth Hostel -Bergen 4 and 6 person privates, 4, 6 and 16 person dorms. Book Now
Jacobs Apartments -Bergen 1, 2 and 3 person privates, 18 person dorms. Book Now
Marie's Guesthouse -Bergen 2 person privates.. Book Now
Marken Gjestehus -Bergen 6 person dorms. Book Now
Lovlia Hostel -Lovlia 2 and 3 person privates. Book Now
Karasjok Engholm Hostel -Karasjok 2 person privates. Book Now
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