How To Ride A Hoverboard When In Europe

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At first glance, the hoverboard may seem easy to ride and maneuver around. However, when you try to ride one, it seems difficult to let it do according to how it should be like what you’ve seen. If you are to use a hoverboard when travelling in Europe, you should learn how to get on it first. Also, you have to find out the traffic rules and regulations in the countries that you wish to visit in Europe. You might end up in prison or get deported for violating laws there.

Riding the hoverboard

You have to ensure first that your self-balancing scooter is fully charged. It will be difficult to get a good feel on a hoverboard when it goes dead in the middle of a practice. Turn it on and put it in front of you. Make sure that the LED lights are facing forward. It may confuse you which of these are the front since there seems no front at all. As long as those weird looking led lights are at the front, that is already considered the front. If you see that your hoverboard come with different ride modes such as the model Robot Turbo Hoverboard got, make sure that you set it on Beginner or Entry mode so that you will be able to start off really easily.

You begin by putting one foot over the hoverboard. With this foot, place the board in an upright and level riding position. When you feel that you are ready, lift the other foot from the ground and put it on the hoverboard. There is no need to analyze or over think. Just naturally put on your both feet like you are riding up one level of the stairs.

The hoverboard is designed to balance electronically so once you already have both your feet on. If you feel that you are going to fall down, you can start riding the hoverboard next to something that you can hold on.

Moving the hoverboard

At this point you already have gained balance, meaning that you can maneuver your hoverboard really well. Moving the hoverboard is easy, but it’s got its own learning curve. But the concept is really simple – just move backward and forward by shifting the weight of the body. Which means you lean forward to move forward and lean backward to move backward?


The same concept with moving the hoverboard is also applied in turning. Every side of this device is independent, so you get to twist every side. Just imagine yourself on the hoverboard – when you turn left, just push the right foot forward and vice versa when you want to turn right. The independent pressure of the foot provides this twisting motion that the board moves.

When you start out, make sure you do it step by step. Do it slowly so that you won’t feel overwhelmed when the hoverboard goes too fast. It may help you ask someone to show it for you and even give you some tips on how to ride it effectively.

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