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I love blogging about my travels. I really do. I jump from one continent to the other, I take a little bit of mementos with me from time to time, I pick up little gifts here and there, and I take snapshots along the way. What I love about traveling from continent to continent is the more I go from Point A to Point B, the more I see that we are not really all that different. We all have basically the same concerns. We just choose to address these in very different ways. These are very noticeable and vary from region to region and district to district. This is how culture works.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that this kind of travel blogging pretty much takes care of itself as far as graphics are concerned. Well, you might want to think again.

You see, it’s one thing to take photos of where you’ve been, details of your trip, and specific things you’ve seen or specific shots of places where you’ve been. That’s the easy stuff. The problem is, if you’ve ever done any kind of blogging, you quickly realize that a lot of your blog posts are not about stuff or places. In most cases, they are about ideas, they are about sensibilities, they’re about brainstorms, they are about emotions, they are about insights, they are about revelations.

What do you do with these? What kind of photos would do justice to this type of information? This is what stumps a lot of bloggers. And this is not just restricted to travel bloggers, mind you. This happens across the board.

How do you express surprised happiness in a photo? How do you capture a sense of fearful optimism? How do you reduce into graphical form a happy kind of regret? I know that sounds crazy because a lot of those emotions are almost oxymoronic. They’re almost like a contradiction in terms, but guess what? They’re part of the human condition. They are real.

And unfortunately, in our graphical vocabulary, so to speak, it’s really hard to find those types of photos. That’s why I’m so happy to have found this place. This is where I get my free stock photos from. I was just really blown away by Avopix’ ability to capture emotional states and moods.

This really blew my mind because they went against the grain. They didn’t take the easy path. They didn’t take the familiar path. Instead, they focused on ideas and that’s why their collection continues to blow my mind all day, every day.

If you’ve been enjoying this blog and you really like my posts because they really capture a sentiment or an idea, well, believe me, 99% of that is due to this source of free photos that I use. The good news? You can use them too.

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