Los Angeles photographers can teach European city photographers a thing or two

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I’ve lived in Los Angeles for over 24 years and, let me tell you, the photographers in this city really have a distinct perspective. In a way, they have to because Los Angeles is actually one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world that came to its own after the invention of the highway. I’m not talking about the invention of the automobile here. I’m talking about the invention of the modern interstate mass transit highway.

Now, why is this a big deal? Well, as you can probably already tell, major cosmopolitan areas of the world will have highway systems. And when people are on a highway or have access to one, their psychology changes.

The way they build their houses, where they choose to build their residences, and a whole host of other decisions somehow, some way, get influenced, if not get outright directed, by the fact that there are highways. I can’t emphasize this enough, especially when it comes to European city photography.

In Europe, social divisions exist just like everywhere else. However, in tightly packed cosmopolitan areas, this segregation among class and income levels takes a very interesting form. It shifts from street to street. It’s not unusual for extremely loaded families living next to struggling families. Of course, ‘next to’ is relative. Oftentimes, this takes the form of streets or districts. Still, different classes live in very close proximity to each other although they go to different schools and use different amenities. Still, everyone knows which districts are which and which lines to cross.

The whole notion of a society of strangers really is taken to a whole other level when it comes to the Los Angeles context. This is why I claim, in all seriousness, that Los Angeles photographers can teach European city photographers a thing or two regrading proper composition and, most importantly, photographic philosophy.

So if you ever need the services of a professional photographer, you might want to consider Los Angeles photographers. They really go a long way in presenting the reality of your building, your event, your friends and family, from a truly postmodern multidimensional perspective.

It’s easy to see why Los Angeles photographers have this sensibility because, like I said, Los Angeles is kind of a disjointed culture. It is a city that came to its own after the highway, so it’s really a transient city. It’s more like a state of mind rather than like a specific, unique, cultural, social, political and economic space that you can’t put your finger on.

While it does have those dimensions, it’s actually more than the sum of its parts. So you get all this dynamic when you’re working with Los Angeles photographers, and don’t be surprised if the photos that they come up with truly blow your mind.

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