Take a Break from Euro Tours by Shacking Up at Singapore’s Twin Vew

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I know that this blog is all about European tours. We feature all sorts of European travel destinations, and we go out of our way to educate people from all over the world the distinct charms, attractions and beauty of Europe. Well, with this post, we’re going to take a bit of a break.

As you probably already know, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. There’s nothing that is immune to this reality. That’s right. Even Euro tours, as awesome as they are, get old after a while. I know that’s almost hard to believe, but it’s true. Take my word for it.

How many times can you visit the Matterhorn? How many times can you go to the Louvre in Paris, France? How many times can you go to the south of Spain as well as the Renaissance hot spots of Italy? How many times can you hang out in Barcelona? It gets old, face it. it’s true.

This is why if you’re looking to take a break from Europe and are looking to try something really exotic and out there, check out Singapore. The reason I recommend Singapore is that it allows you a foothold in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia has a lot of amazing tastes, flavors and sensations. There are so many amazing people. There are so many experiences to be had.

However, you also want a place to call home with all the creature comforts of Europe. We’re talking about glass and steel buildings. We’re talking about reliable running water. We’re talking about no crime. We’re talking about a responsive local government and a very inspiring, cultivating local cultural experience.

Singapore has this. It offers the complete package. It should not come as a surprise that it’s able to do this because it’s the only first-world country in all of Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for the most advanced, most cultured, most well-traveled and most economically equipped place in Southeast Asia, look no further in Singapore. If you are looking to live in one of the most accessible places in town, take a look at Twin Vew.

This amazing condo complex offers the latest and greatest in Southeast Asian architectural excellence. I don’t say that as an empty boast. I’m not throwing it out there just to impress you. This place actually walks its talk. It really does. Not only does it look amazing from the outside. You will be blown away by the acoustics and space-saving economy of its internal architecture.

You may be thinking that 200 square feet or 20 square meters is not much to work with. I can definitely see where you’re coming from, but believe me I was also blown away when I saw the floor plan for myself. It’s one thing to see the floor plan in blueprint form; it’s another to actually walk inside a space that’s already been decorated because that 20 square meters may seem small in theory.

However, when you actually see it within a Twin Vew Condo, you will be blown away. It’s as if there’s so much extra space. It’s as if you are truly living out your life in full excitement and dynamism and vibrancy with extra space to spare. How did they do it? I keep asking myself that question.

So, if you are looking to take a break from Euro tours and European experience in general, check out Singapore’s very own Twin Vew Condo. It really is a mix of the modern world along with the distinct traditional charms of Asia.


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