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Air Berlin

German airline has a network with flights to 40 countries, including 23 airports in Germany. In the search engine ranking of safety Air Berlin ranks 6th for 30 years, has not lost a single board. The most popular destinations from the customers of Air Berlin – it’s Europe and the Middle East. For the summer, think about a trip to the creative, dynamic and ever-surprising Berlin or in the good old Munich – the capital of Bavaria, at the same time to see Neuschwanstein Castle, eat gingerbread in Nuremberg and get into “living a fairy tale” – the city of Würzburg.


The national airline, and the largest in Finland. According to the research bureau, the safest airline in Europe and the second security in the world. In addition, in January of this year, Finnair took 6th place in the world ranking of punctuality.
Most often, passengers choose Finnair for a flight to northern Europe and Asia major cities. In summer, the capital of Finland will organize street food festivals and interesting design fairs. In late August, the city hosts the Night of the Arts, where shops, museums and art galleries are not closed for the night, and all day and night throughout Helsinki you can attend free cultural activities.
In this season, Finnair makes direct flights to 15 destinations in Asia.


AirBaltic planes fly to 56 destinations around the world and the have a very good offer in Europe. AirBaltic became the first airline in the world, selling tickets on board. And perhaps you’ve heard that they’re first started selling roses on the flight at the altitude of 11 kilometers.
Equity AirBaltic convenient to fly to Cyprus and Malta, the Baltics, Barcelona, Nice, Dubrovnik, Athens and Rhodes, in Tbilisi and Baku.


The most famous Italian airline, the largest carrier, flying from Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice, Naples and Catania. In 2014, the shares of Alitalia bought from the Italian government airline Etihad Airways, and almost immediately began work on the renovation of salons all aircraft and improve passenger service.
Traditionally, the airline we choose to travel to Italy. For example, this summer can be relatively inexpensive fly to Florence – see “The Birth of Venus” and “Spring” by Botticelli at the Uffizi Gallery. Or unravel the mysteries hidden in the paintings of Velazquez and El Greco in the Spanish Prado in Madrid.


Qatar Airways flights are good for the Indian Ocean countries, including Eastern Africa. The airline operates international flights to 144 destinations, flying on all five inhabited continents of the Earth.
Summer – the time to see one of the most beautiful and impressive display of nature: the Great Migration in the African savannah, and if you go on safari in Kenya or Tanzania, take a look at Qatar Airways . Please note, if you fly through Doha, the airline offers a free tour of the city.