What Are The Best Features Of Router When You Travel To Europe?

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The title may seem a bit vague, but this pertains to travelers that love to buy items that they seem more of a bargain when they are bought in other countries, especially in Europe. It would even be a greater bargain when you get to buy a solid router during a huge sale, like at the end of the year. But before you pick a router in Europe, here is a list of the most important features that your new router should have.

Security Encryption

The most important feature that your router should have is wireless security. This may seem repetitive since wireless networks need proper security, however many buyers tend to overlook this because it seems so normal to include this in the features list. However, this is important for the wireless beginners to learn about this and one hard truth they should also learn is that not all encryption methods are made equal.

When you check out the router settings, you may have already encountered the wireless security setting wherein it lets you choose between WPA-2, WPA and WEP. The weakest of the three is WEP while the strongest is WPA-2. However, the latter is slower and is very intensive on resources compared to WPA. You can play between these 2 in your network in order to see which one works best for you. WPA-2 is the way to go if you are using your router at home.

Ensure that you keep tabs on the security of your wireless router. The last thing you want to know is someone hijacking it. You also do not want strangers to be leeching off the bandwidth or even use at as a means for them to continue their illegal activities.

Filtering through MAC Address

Each device that can be in some way be networked comes with its own unique identifier called the Media Access Control or MAC address. This means that any device that connects to the internet has its own unique MAC address.

So what is MAC filtering? It is a feature wherein it allows the user to deny any particular devices from gaining access to your router. Some of the routers in the market provide you an option between to deny or allow MAC addresses on an independent basis, while the older firmware will let you set a list of MAC addresses that are denied or allowed to gain access to the network.

If you wish to get maximum security, you must only allow the MAC address that belongs to your device to access the solid router. However, this can be quite inconvenient if you have relatives and friends that wish to gain access to the internet. The better thing to do would be if you want to keep someone out for good, all you need to do is use the deny feature and apply it specifically on that certain MAC address.

These are not the only features that you want your solid router to have, but better do your own research so that you’ll definitely get the best router in the market.

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