Why people travel

The Reason

Why We Travel?

Why do people travel? It seems that it is as difficult to give clear answers to this question as explaining why do people fall in love. Sometimes it is said that humans have the instinct to travel, but not everyone in the world can travel in the same way even now, and if they do not travel at all, they may become frustrated. Because it is not appropriate to explain the reason for traveling as one of the instincts meaning behavioral tendencies that all human beings have inborn.

And, looking at the history of the trip, the reason why humans travel is changing step by step.
A transportation historian looked back on the history of the trip and said, “First of all, the trip of necessity for the living or the order of the master occurred for the first time, which had been the mainstream of the trip for a long time. In addition, there are two types of journeys that is being made for necessity: a journey by internal pressure to keep life, “to preserve life” and a journey by compulsion from the outside called authority from power.

Anywhere in the world, the first of the pressed-out journeys to happen was a trip to live, looking for a safe place to seek water and food, then settling down. In the next stage, it is thought that around the 3rd century AD the journey forced by a command of power, external forces began by the formation of an ancient state. What is common to these stages is that it was a compulsion forced by inner necessity and pressure from outside regardless of your intention. The “journey you prefer” based on the free will of each person, which is fundamentally different from such a trip eventually appeard little by little, but first of all it started with the privilege layers and upper layers of society, and the general population could participate quite later.
The meaning of the journey we use is the “journey you like” here, but the trip of the common people begins with the faith that seeks redemption. Background to the proliferation of shrines and temples is that there are various social and economic conditions as well as the case of travel in the present day, further stabilization of domestic security and development of economy was involved.
The other thing to remember is that although the movement of the people was severely restricted under the feudal system, only the trip for pilgrimage due to religion was suitable for the role of maintaining feudalism system. It is said that it was accepted socially as being tolerated by society and it was made possible by the nomination of shrine visit, and the journey that was not accepted for any other reasons. The motivation for a free journey is that it was feasible by attaching reasons of faith.
There are many different reasons for traveling. It depends on who it is, where to travel and what time of year it is, among other things.
A lot of people travel a lot to get away from their everyday lives. Traveling is something you usually do with family, friends, sometimes even by yourself, and that is to spend time with them without being affected by everyday life, with work, stress and musts. If you are in a different place, you will not think about everyday problems, but just drop everything and enjoy. One can also go away because one didn’t have the time to spend with his family and friends.

The Reason

One of the reasons for going on a trip, is to meet ``real self``.

Can you confidently assert that you understand 100% of yourself?

Everyday life belonging to an organization such as a company or school, living while involving someone. It is a modern era that is constantly connected with whom is always online. I think that you are overly tied to manners and common sense, and you are limiting yourself without knowing it.
But how about going to a foreign land? I can not make myself understood, a place where noone knows me. With that kind of environment, you can become liberated with nature. Nothing is told by a relationship that is limited, and entanglement at social gatherings overnight, who did something strange. It goes even further to the country that respects freedom.
It jumps out of the environment which I taked about in the beginning, and releases yourself steadily. You will walk as instinct, interact with the people you met and move with intuition. Then you will see the true self you have not noticed before .

For example, we have been involved in many industries, such as producers related to nightlife making the most of our experiences.
However, while traveling in Asia, the United States and Europe for a long time, we face ourselves everyday and talk with our hearts as “What do you really want to do?”, people who are doing their best in the daily lives of the world and in foreign land, when they traveled while doing what they wanted to do, many of them discovered that what really attracted their heart is about “the world” and “travel”.

Encounter with the people of the world

One world. It is connected to everywhere

The second reason why people go on trips is ``Encounter with the people of the world

We become more open and more sociable than ever. When you are home, you are also hesitant to call out to someone you do not know, and rather rarely even want to talk to them. However, when you go out in the world, there are lots of surprisingly cheerful and friendly people, you can quickly get down and become friends while you are talking to or being spoken to. Now we have friends all around the world.
Until now, even if we look at reports about the world situation and conflict on TV, we may have recognized that it happened on the same earth, but unconsciously not related to ourselves. When it becomes a country where you have been and the people you know live, you will soon get to feel familiar.
And from the sense that countries are different, it became a sense that “the world is connected to one”.

What I cherish while traveling is to let people living in that country teach their culture and life. My style of travel is not mere “overseas travel” that spans a tourist destination, staying at a hotel, but living there. About a month or so, I live with someone who lives there.
Go to the supermarket and cook using the local ingredients, and do washing and cleaning. In the town, people and tourists do not go and visit local, truly take them to the place of local people worshipers, experience play and tradition. As you are living there, experiencing the usual daily life of the destination, you can see not only the appearance of the table showing to the tourists but also the real appearance of that country.
Knowing the various cultures of the world, the values and preconceived concepts are destroyed, the field of vision spreads and becomes a new self.